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On 19 May 2020, the Global Health Economics Hub delivered a Research in Focus webinar titled: 'Health Benefit Packages for Universal Health Coverage: How can research inform policy and practice?' (abstract below).

We thank everyone who took part, with special thanks to the presenters: Edward Kataika, Paul Revill and Pakwanja Twea.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here, and those questions which could not be answered live on the webinar will be addressed by the presenters on this group in the coming days.

Health Benefit Packages for Universal Health Coverage: How can research inform policy and practice?

19 May 2020 | 11:30-12:30 (BST)

Edward Kataika | Director of Programmes; East Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC)
Paul Revill | Senior Research Fellow, TLO Programme Director; Centre for Health Economics, University of York
Pakwanja Twea | Economist; Ministry of Health and Population (Malawi)

Health Benefit Packages (HBPs) are an important part of the health resource allocation decision-making process for national policy-makers in many low- and middle-income countries. HBPs are used to help determine which healthcare interventions and services should be classified as ‘essential’, and inform how to prioritise often limited health resources. However, HBPs can often be disconnected from budget realities and result in HBPs which far exceed available resources, making them challenging to implement fully. Recent research carried out in Malawi, has sought to develop new methods to address this challenge and support national policy-makers.

Join a panel of experts who will discuss the latest theory and methods used in HBP design, and provide insights into how this is currently being applied in Malawi.


Design HBP impact policy webinar

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