Introduction to Economic Evaluation Methods

Recorded lecture: ODI Introduction to Health Economics Course, UK

This short lecture provides an overview of economic evaluation methods and their application to real-world policy situations in lower- and middle-income country settings, including the design and development of health benefit packages.

The lecture below was originally delivered as part of an ‘introduction to health economics’ workshop for Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Health Fellows, delivered at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York (UK)

Date: July 2019

Speaker: Paul Revill (Centre for Health Economics, University of York, UK, and Director of the Thanzi la Onse research programme)


Individual-Based Models in Epidemiology and Health Economics

Recorded lecture

This short lecture is intended to be an accessible introduction to individual-based models in epidemiology and economic evaluation.  

Should you have any feedback on this lecture (or would like to suggest any changes to the course content), please let us know using the Global Health Economics Hub Feedback Survey. We particularly encourage clinical disease experts and health policy makers to familiarize themselves with the concepts of such models and alert us about any changes you would like to see made in future, to ensure that these models continue to be as relevant as possible.

Date: July 2022  

Speaker: Andrew Phillips (University College London)


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