Here you can access a series of health economics short-courses. 

If you are interested in training on specific topics (e.g. economic evaluation; equity), you can access individual materials from these short-courses under the relevant ‘Training Materials’ sub-headings.  Simply hover over ‘Training Materials’ and select the relevant topic. 

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Introduction to Health Economics | July 2019

A one-day workshop provides an introduction to key health economics theories, concepts and methods.  Originally delivered to Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Health Fellow by researchers at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York (UK) on 31 July 2019. 

  • Introduction to Health Economics | James Lomas (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

  • Economics Evaluation Methods | Paul Revill (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

  • Equity in Health & Healthcare | James Love-Koh (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

  • Health Behaviour in Developing Countries | Wiktoria Tafesse (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

  • Health System Financing | Prof. Peter C Smith (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

  • Healthcare Markets & Contracts | Prof. Martin Chalkley (University of York) | Recorded Lecture

Health Benefit Package (HBP) Design | February 2019

This two-day training workshop covers theory and methods used in HBP design in lower- and middle-income country settings. These materials include lecture slides and individual/ group exercises on HBP methods and considering equity in HBP design. 

The materials are designed to be consumed together and in sequence as a short course.  Individual and group exercises can be used to prompt discussions with colleagues, students, and researcher or decision-maker collaborators. 

The course was originally developed for members of the East Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) Health Economics Community of Practice.  It was delivered by Thanzi la Onse researchers and colleagues at the Ministry of Health (Malawi) in Lilongwe, Malawi on 4-5 February 2019. 

  • Health Benefit Packages for UHC: wrench in the works or keys to control? | Mark Sculpher (University of York) | Lecture Slides

  • Methods options for Health Benefit Packages | Paul Revill (University of York) | Lecture Slides

  • Resource Allocation Formula: concepts and application | Pakwanja Twea; Sakshi Mohan (Ministry of Health, Malawi) | Lecture Slides

  • Methods for the development and adjustment of Health Benefit Packages | Simon Walker (University of York); Sakshi Mohan (Ministry of Health, Malawi) | Case Study Exercise

  • How to consider equity in Health Benefit Package design | James Love-Koh (University of York) | Lecture Slides

Healthcare Financing and Purchasing | January 2020  **Coming soon**

A two-day workshop on delivery of healthcare, payment of healthcare providers, and payment mechanisms.