Thanzi la Onse’s (Health of All) core objective is to improve population health and reduce health inequities in Malawi, Uganda and Southern and East Africa.

We aim to achieve this by developing and sustaining high quality research to inform resource allocation decisions in the region and supporting policy environments for the productive use of that research. This challenging area lies at the intersection of health and epidemiology, economics and politics and Thanzi la Onse research covers all of these areas. To enhance population health benefits, the value of specific health care policies needs to be understood within the context of health care systems in which they are delivered. We work closely with researchers and policy-makers at all levels (in Malawi, Uganda and beyond) and study these complex inter-relationships with the aim of devising approaches that are most likely to lead to population health improvements. In the long term, we hope that by strengthening the local capacity for health economics and modelling in Malawi and Uganda, the knowledge and evidence produced by researchers can be further developed and used as templates to address the resource allocation challenges facing other countries in Africa.